Your gift for Thursday: Brit Actors Surfacing.


So a friend of mine recently posted this new teaser video for the series Lucifer, starring Tom Ellis:

You’re welcome.

But that also got me thinking about the popularity of this theme (and, sadly, how many scenes like this I know about, just off the top of my head). Here’s Jude Law, in the trailer for The New Pope. He’s not coming out of the water, but he is water-adjacent:

And then of course, there’s the classic of Daniel Craig as (he was then) the new James Bond, taking a dip in the ocean:

And the even MORE classic, Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy, emerging from the pond in one of the most beloved BBC TV moments ever:

Although, in all fairness, that shows more of Mr. Darcy getting into the water than getting out of it. I’m not going to quibble, though.

That scene was so imprinted on so many psyches that they actually had a little fun recreating it for the Lost in Austen movie:

And here’s a TV moment I’ve always enjoyed, starring the lovely James Murray (and Keeley Hawes), in Thomas Hardy’s Under the Greenwood Tree:

And then we can take a moment of special thanks for Colin Firth, who makes this list twice, for this outing with Hugh Grant, fighting over Bridget Jones in Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason.

Hope you’ve enjoyed our romp through the best clips available of British Men in Water. Did I miss any such moments? Let me know!

ADDED LATER: I’m so sorry. How did I almost forget Aidan Turner as Poldark?!?!?


  1. Well, that certainly brightened up my Thursday.

    I’ve seen Jude Law naked. Its disgusting that he looks ten times hotter in his 40s than he did in 1995 when he was in a Jean Cocteau play, Indiscretions, in New York. Nobody warned me that Jude Law was going to take a bubble bath onstage and then step out of the bath and dry himself off while monologuing. He got very good reviews and he is mucho, much mas caliente in 2019, and I’m going to tune inThe New Pope.

    • Vivian, so glad to brighten anyone’s Thursday. It’s a dreary pre-wintry October day where I am and I certainly needed a boost. Hence this post.

      Men in their 40s and how good they can look is generally disgusting. There’s Jude Law and then there’s Brad Pitt, who is not young, but who just passes through better-looking versions of himself as he ages. NOT FAIR.

      Can’t believe nobody was talking about what must have been one of the play’s selling points before you got into the play. That said, well done on picking the right seat in the theater. I kind of felt that way about James Murray in that river scene in “Under the Greenwood Tree.” I was just enjoying my staid and gentle little Tom Hardy adaptation and bam, James Murray in a river. Let’s hear it for the theatah, and also for Brit TV.

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