What British TV to binge on next?

I’m so glad you asked!

If you click on the tab above that starts with “Viewers’ Guides,” you’ll find guides to some of our favorite programs! I’ve been meaning to add more to that page, but somehow, even in the middle of lockdown, I’m less productive than usual. (Might be that I’m trying to teach some young people who aren’t that interested in learning from me at the same time I’m trying to work.)

We’re also very proud to announce that our book, Bingeworthy British Television: The Best Brit TV You Can’t Stop Watching, is now available as an updated (we added entries for programs like Breeders, Fleabag, and Sanditon) ebook! It can be yours for $2.99 (or free to read if you’re enrolled in Kindle Unlimited) now! It lists more than 100 programs, complete with cast, creator, run time, and trivia information, as well as specific suggestions for other similar programs that you might enjoy watching. Don’t just take our word for it; the Midwest Book Review called it “an impressively informative, exceptionally well organized, deftly presented compendium of the best of British television programming.”

In addition to the program guide, the book includes a ton of sidebars from my British co-author, Jackie Bailey, providing all the “insider information” you need to know to get the most out of your British TV viewing. What does it mean when someone lives in a “council estate”? Why are there so few guns on British TV? How many BBC channels are there and what do they show?

Now. Have a great weekend, stay safe and find yourself some great new (or even just new to you) British TV to watch.

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