Viewers’ Guide: Moone Boy.


Are you depressed? Sick of the daily grind? Feeling like letting the dirty supper dishes just stay on the counter tonight?

I sympathize. And I offer the cure (well, the cure for the next nine hours of your life, anyway): Binge-watch all 18 episodes of the comedy Moone Boy.

Moone Boy is about, quite simply (and, as conveniently stated in the first season trailer), the “imaginary friend of an idiot boy in the west of Ireland” in the 1980s. The boy is Martin Paul Kenny Dalglish Moone, and although he is twelve years old, his imaginary friend is a grown man named Sean Murphy (who is played by Chris O’Dowd, and is, of course, invisible to everyone except Martin).

Martin has need of a kindred spirit; his three sisters (all older) have little time or patience for him, his parents are busy trying to make a living and keep some sort of order in the house, and although he has one best friend in school (who has an imaginary friend of his own, making them a friendly quartet), the school also boasts at least two bullies–they’re twins–who keep Martin on his toes.

It’s such a great show. It’s gentle and wicked and funny and comforting all at once. If you’ve ever felt like no one in your family listens to you, you’ll enjoy this show. If you had an imaginary friend of your own, you’ll enjoy this show. If you’re Catholic, you’re really going to enjoy this show (right up to and including the wedding of the oldest daughter, which takes place WHILE she gives birth).

And if all of THAT doesn’t convince you, Paul Rudd makes an appearance in the series’s final episode. Paul Rudd, people. GO WATCH THIS SHOW NOW.

Years Aired: 2012 to 2015.

Episodes and seasons: There are eighteen 22-minute episodes in three series, making the total run time about seven hours.

Christmas episodes? No, but there’s a big wedding/birth episode in season 2!

Primary Stars: Chris O’Dowd as Sean Murphy, David Rawle as Martin Moon, Deirdre O’Kane as Debra Moone, Peter McDonald as Liam Moone.

Creator and Primary Writers: Chris O’Dowd created the show (it’s based on his experiences growing up in Ireland) and co-wrote it with Nick Vincent Murphy.

Setting: Ireland (Urban).

First Aired On: Sky One.

Where to Stream: On Hulu, and several other services.

So You’re Out of Moone Boy? Watch this next, luv:

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