Tony Haygarth, 1945-2017.

I just saw over at Morse, Lewis and Endeavour that British actor Tony Haygarth has died.

As Chris points out at his website, Haygarth was in a ton of British programs and movies. But I’ll always have a soft spot for his portrayal of Reuben Dewy (Dick Dewy’s father) in one of my favorite literary adaptations of all time: Under the Greenwood Tree (based on the book by Thomas Hardy). He had a very nice twinkle to him in that program.

In somewhat happier news, the BBC had a lighthearted week when a man they were interviewing, Robert Kelly, was interrupted by his children, who were then rushed out of the room by his wife. In response, a British comedy team did a parody of what would have happened if a woman being interrupted had been interrupted in the same way. Pretty hilarious stuff:

God love the Brits. Have a great week, all.


  1. Haygarth stood out in Under the Greenwood Tree, and that was in an adaptation with lots of really good acting (see previous posts on Keeley Hawes). Alzheimers, a rough ending. I’m glad he didn’t suffer with it as long as some.
    Regarding the “interruption by children,” the parody is funny, but the mom in the original is hilarious, especially the bit with the walker getting caught in the door. I felt sorry for the dad, but maybe next time he’ll lock the door.

    • So of course now, M.A., I had to go watch the original BBC interview clip again. It does get funnier with each viewing. I enjoyed how the toddler stood her ground even though her father was trying to give her a not-so-subtle shove back out the door!
      Yes, Tony Haygarth. Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in his late 60s, that is just no fair. I will have to watch “Greenwood Tree” again soon, in his honor.

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