The blue-eyed isle.

A friend recently emailed me and said this:

“Watching the waning season’s of Foyle’s War, I’m a little dismayed. All, well it seems like 80% of the actors twinkled with blue eyes. Yeah. Not sure if you’ve noticed the under-representation of non-blue eyed peoples. Is it just a casting director with Foyle’s War? ”

So of course I had to turn to my friend Google* and find out what percentage of people in the UK have blue eyes. And can you believe it? Blue is the most common eye color in Great Britain!

I don’t know why that surprises me, but it does. And blue eyes are comfortably in the majority in parts of Scotland–topping out at 57% in one region. Here’s the map of percentages.

I also don’t know that I care for the assertion in the first article that blue eyes are spreading because everyone finds blue-eyed people more attractive and seeks them out as partners. I can tell you this: I haven’t seen “Foyle’s War” yet and now I am in even less of a hurry to do so: my little secret is that I LOVE brown eyes (I guess I’ll have to go hang out in Southwest England).

Can I just add that I love my friend who asked this question? British TV, trivia, questioning of ulterior motives of casting directors…I love it when these are the topics I get to chat about with my friends.

*Not really my friend; it knows too much about all of us. But I too live in the twenty-first century and yes, I search Google a lot.


  1. Run toward the series of “Foyle’s War”. Wonderfully well made, characters, settings, period, culture, scripts and everything. We bought this series and have sat watching it more than once and still finding it compelling. You are missing out if you skip it. I am a blue eye but can’t think of a more silly reason to either choose or reject something but then also 80 years has given a perspective………….

    • Oh, Georgia,
      I would never turn down any Brit TV based on eye color alone. I just had to laugh that my friend even noticed it and commented on it, and then I just thought it was interesting to see how many blue-eyed people there are in the UK, because it seems like we’re used to thinking of blue eyes as the rare or recessive thing.

      As regards “Foyle’s War,” you are not the first and I rather suspect you will not be the last to tell me to WATCH IT. Perhaps this winter if we can get some nice “cozy in” weather, when there’s less to do outside, it will be time to sit right down and enjoy it! Thanks for the positive vote and the nudge to view it!

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