Our British Secret Weapon on: Types of Housing in Great Britain.

from https://www.sellhousefast.uk/blog/7-types-property-exist-uk/

So this week my question for Jackie, our British Secret Weapon, was, Can you define some of the different types of British housing for me? This is the sort of vocab that comes up quite frequently when you’re watching British television, and which I never understand (kind of like their public school being our private school and vice versa). She sent me back these handy definitions:

“Housing Vocab:

A detached house has nothing attached to it – it is on its own plot of land, surrounded by a garden.

A semi-detached house is attached to one other house. There are normally streets of these, often with neighbouring houses sharing a drive.

A terraced house is attached to other houses on both sides. These are normally the cheapest type of house.

A council house is owned the local government and rented out to those on low incomes.

A council estate is an area of housing where all the properties are owned by the local authority. Most council estates are made up of semi-detached housing, often built between 1920 and 1950, although some have been built more recently. This definition is blurring as many people now have the opportunity to buy their council house and so some council estates are almost entirely privately owned.”

Thanks, Jackie! And have a great weekend, all.

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