Our British Secret Weapon on the new Dr. Who.

from http://tvline.com/2017/07/16/jodie-whittaker-doctor-who-cast-thirteenth-doctor/

Over the weekend it was announced that the thirteenth Doctor on Doctor Who is…a woman!

So I asked Jackie, our favorite Brit insider, what she thought of this choice. And here’s what she said:

“Jodie Whittaker is a fantastic choice for the new Doctor Who! I think she’ll be able to pull off the role of a quirky, but powerful Doctor with ease! She provided an amazing performance in Broadchurch and I can’t wait to see how she fulfills this new role. It’s fantastic to see Doctor Who continue with
their efforts to create a diverse cast. I’m very pleased!”

I’m not really a rabid Dr. Who fan, and I’ve been fine with most of the new Doctors they’ve had since the series reboot with Christopher Eccleston (the tenth doctor), so I too look forward to this new incarnation. Thanks, Jackie!

Any other opinions out there on the choice of Brit actor Jodie Whittaker being cast as the first female Doctor?


  1. 13th doctor? Dr. Who is one of the more common shows I’ve heard people mention over the years, and the people who mention it are the type that make me think, hey, maybe I should watch that, but then I never do.
    What is the basic premise of the series?

  2. M.A.:
    Dr. Who is just one of those shows that takes on a life of its own. The basic premise? Time Lord travels through space and time. If you wanted to make it more complicated, you could probably say the Time Lord, an extraterrestrial, travels through time and space for reason(s) unknown, often travels with an Earthling companion or friend, and periodically “regenerates” into a different physical form when certain events get out of control (or the BBC needs to shake up casting). It originally ran, on and off, from 1963 to 1989, and then was “rebooted” into its current form starting in 2005, and has been running strong ever since.

    For all my love of British TV I have never actually watched a lot of Dr. Who. I’ve seen a few of the Peter Davison episodes, but never anything earlier than that. I did watch the entire Christopher Eccleston series and some of the David Tennant years (9th and 10th Doctors), but have again missed all of the Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi years. I DO know that its impact on British pop culture is huge–the show’s biggest villains (among many) are the Dalleks and the Cybermen–and those show up in nearly every British thing you watch, read, or hear about.

    I’d like to watch more; just haven’t had the time, and it’s hard to track down a lot of the earlier programs. It always felt kind of weird to just be “jumping in the middle”–but I suppose that’s the point of the Doctor/actor regenerations. You CAN just jump into the middle and enjoy watching as you move forward!

  3. Incidentally, I should say my brief overview comes from Wikipedia; you can also learn a lot about the show in books. There’s about a gazillion books devoted to the show and its many many years of episodes, cast, and mythologies!

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