Our British Secret Weapon on: Five Shows Every Brit Knows

from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doctor_Who

So recently I asked our friend Jackie, also known as our British Secret Weapon, what are the five TV shows every Brit knows? Because, you know, we’ve got those shows in America. In the 90s I would have known what shows they were for Americans: Friends, Seinfeld, The Simpsons, The X-Files, etc. I couldn’t answer the question anymore because I don’t watch American TV (who has time, with all the great British TV available?). What would be our five shows now? This Is Us? Game of Thrones?

Anyway. Jackie was kind enough to oblige us with her list of five iconic shows that are big in Great Britain. This will be a regular series; we’ll start counting down today. She started us off with a biggie!

From Jackie:

Doctor Who.
Doctor Who is a television classic. It first aired in 1963 and since then has evolved through 26 seasons, with thirteen different actors playing “the Doctor”. It is a science fiction drama in which the characters travel through time to prevent terrible things from happening in the future, whilst also protecting Earth from alien creatures.

Doctor Who plays an important role in British culture. Whilst it could be said to have a cult following, the themes of Doctor Who are familiar to every British person, whether they watch the programme or not. References to the dustbin-shaped Daleks or the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver pop-up in many other areas. You might not want to watch all 800+ episodes, but it’s worth seeing enough to understand the themes that every British person has grown to know and love.”

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