Our British secret weapon on: Cbeebies and children’s programs.

from http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/article/38252482/tom-hardy-to-read-cbeebies-bedtime-story

As noted, I am a big Tom Hardy fan.

So I loved this article at The Daily Mail: “CBeebies sees mums go into meltdown as Tom Hardy reads the bedtime story.” And of course you know I had to go watch Mr. Hardy read a bedtime story:


Now, I’ve heard about CBeebies before, most notably at the end of this “Man Cold” clip. Just watch the whole thing–it’s funny, and if you’ve ever known a man with a cold you’ll appreciate it:

So this is the question I had for Jackie, our British secret weapon:

Can you tell me a bit about CBeebies? I thought it was just a program, but it looks at Wikipedia like it is an entire network? And has it only been around since 2002? Seems to loom quite large in the culture for that.

And here is Jackie’s answer:

“CBeebies is a channel for children under the age of 5. Many of the programmes have been produced for years and were originally on BBC1 and BBC2, but were then all transferred across to their own channel in 2002. At the same time CBBC (Children’s BBC) was also launched. This is for children aged 6-12.

The quality of programmes for children seems to have increased a lot recently. They used to just be on for a couple of hours in the morning and then between 3pm and 5.30pm , but now they are on all day. I haven’t watched CBeebies for a while, but many of the programmes are engrained in our culture. Have you ever seen In the Night Garden? That is a bizarre programme that no one really understands!

Another mention must be for Justin Fletcher – a giant of children’s TV. He does Mr Tumble, Justin’s House and Gigglebiz. He is so good with children and I love the fact he includes people with disabilities in his shows.  It is really weird seeing him being interviewed as he is so different in real life.

I haven’t seen the Tom Hardy story, but CBeebies have a bedtime story every night (6.50pm – 7pm) just before it goes off air for the evening. They are normally read by the  CBeebies presenters, but they occasionally get big celebrities in – Tim Peake even read one from space!”

Thanks, Jackie!

So there you have it: Tom Hardy, CBeebies, and Jackie recommending some bizarre children’s programmes that “no one really understands.” God I love the Brits. Happy weekend, all.

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