Our British Secret Weapon: Jackie on New Brit TV to Watch.

from https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p05j1jkp

So the other day, I asked Jackie, our British Secret Weapon (as she lives in Worcestershire and gets to see all the new British TV before I do):

Jackie, what TV are you looking forward to this fall season?

And this is what she answered:

” Autumn is my favourite time of year for television as it is when all the best new dramas are released. This year is no exception – there are some fantastic new things to look forward to.
I’m most excited about the BBC adaptation of His Dark Materials. It’s a fantastic set of books and I’m interested to see how they’ve adapted the complex story to the small screen. The trailer looks amazing  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWKyMl46utE&feature=youtu.be  and, as the owner of a Pyrenean mountain dog, I can’t resist anything that includes giant polar bears! It is first aired on BBC1 on 3rd November.
The BBC are also adapting War of the Worlds. This version is supposed to be closer to the original book than other adaptations and is described as “a collision of sci-fi, period drama and horror.” I’m hoping it will be as thrilling as it promises to be.
On a totally different note, I’m also excited about the return of Motherland. The first series of this comedy about a mother struggling to juggle work and parenthood had me crying with laughter. I’m really hoping the second series, due to air on BBC2 in October, will have the same result.
Season 3 of The Crown will start on Netflix in November. The press has been full of pictures of Olivia Colman in her new role as the Queen. She’s such an amazing actress that this could be the best series yet.
Finally, The Capture is being hailed as the new Bodyguard. It examines our scary new world, full of fake news and video manipulation. The first episode was brilliant and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next. “

Thanks, Jackie!

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