Holiday viewing options for lovers of British TV.

I love British TV, and I love Christmas.

So when I get the two of them together every December, my head nearly explodes with pleasure. Every year I have a set schedule of Christmas Brit viewing that I follow as a matter of course: the Christmas episodes of The Vicar of Dibley; a Christmas episode from All Creatures Great and Small; the Christmas episode of Keeping Up Appearances. I even watch some of my favorite British Christmas advertisements, and of course I follow my British friend Jackie’s suggestions for what to watch as well.

Let’s face it: the Brits just do Christmas TV better than we Yanks do*, and this year’s BBC offerings for Christmas and New Year’s are no exception. C’mon. Wallace and Gromit on Christmas? It just doesn’t get any better than that.

I’ve also seen that BritBox is offering a full Christmas line-up. And Acorn TV has some special holiday viewing too. Nice.

So. What are you watching for the holidays?

*Although we do have The Peanuts Christmas Special, and the lesser-known but awesome Peanuts Christmas special where Charlie Brown was trying to sell wreaths, so there is that.

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