Holiday viewing and a new binge pleasure.

I’ll admit it: one of my favorite parts of the holidays (and any time off I might be able to score during said holidays) is finding (making?) the time to watch my favorite British TV Christmas Episodes. As per usual this year I will be watching The Christmas Lunch Incident episode of The Vicar of Dibley, and I’ve already re-watched an All Creatures Great and Small Christmas episode (the one where Siegfried is called upon to use his cake-tasting expertise). I’ve watched some of the new Brit Christmas ads, and went back to re-watch Mog’s Christmas Calamity, so I’m good there.

Instead of doing last-minute shopping and wrapping (I figure, if I haven’t gotten something for someone yet, well, too late now), I’ve also started binge-watching a new (to me) series: A Touch of Frost. This pleases me because I love the title, perfect for wintertime, and it’s also working out because the show is so, so good. It stars David Jason (perhaps best-known for his long-running role on the very popular Only Fools and Horses sitcom) as Detective Inspector Jack Frost, who seems to be a bit like the British version of Columbo. A bit bumbling, easy to underestimate, Frost nonetheless clearly possesses a dogged intelligence that always comes through for him in the end so he can snag the criminal. Although he is great at solving crime, he is not great at reporting the numbers of how many crimes he clears; the show also features his many clashes with his superiors and bureaucracy. Great stuff (and evidently very popular to boot).

Happy Christmas, all, and to all a good night.

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