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Let’s do this thing, shall we?

My least favorite piece of writing advice ever (other than “don’t quit your day job,” because really, quitting day jobs has always been one of my top skills) has always been “write what you know.” Because you know what? I know nothing.

And then one day for funsies I started making a list of all the British TV shows I’ve watched (and re-watched, obsessively) ever since I caught my first glimpse of Ballykissangel back in the intoxicating late-1990s. And you know what? It was a really LONG list.

This explains a lot about why I’ve put together very little career and even fewer other achievements over the intervening decade and a half. So yeah: I’m wasting my life. But the upside? The upside is that I want this to be your official place to learn about British television series, miniseries, literary adaptations, talk shows, soaps, reality programs, and documentaries. In short: if it’s been on British TV, I want to talk about it with you.



    • Lynne!
      So glad you like it. It’s Bath–in front of the Royal Crescent. Boy, was I happy to be there. Beautiful day, beautiful place. I hope to go back someday!

  1. Yay! You did it! You’ve been threatening to do this for so long, and now, bollocks, it’s here! I’m going to watch a “Moone Boy” episode in your honour right now. And I am sitting here in just my pants.

    • Oh balls! I’m thinking of re-watching the entire run of Moone Boy to celebrate! Thanks so much for telling me to watch that. Chris O’Dowd forever!
      Excellent Brit spellings as well. It’s clear why you’re one of my very favourite people to chat Brit TV with.

    • Hilariously, I have pictures from that same trip where we WERE in the baths–the Roman baths, that is. Fully clothed, because they don’t just let you jump in the mineral pools any more. Killjoys.

  2. checking out the first week’s post, and oh, such yummy BriTV goodness!

    Please please tell me you’re going to get to A FINE ROMANCE. It is my absolute favourite British TV series ever (yeah, that probably reveals more about me than about the programme, but still..)

    PS Note the British spellings, just for you

    • I thoroughly approve of your British spellings. I luurve them (as Georgia Nicolson would say).

      Have seen parts of A Fine Romance but never the whole thing in sequence. But heavens, how I adore Judi Dench. Actually I never get to A Fine Romance because I just keep watching As Time Goes By, since I am in love with both Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer. But AFR in its entirety is definitely on my TBW list.

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