Five Shows Every Brit Knows: Show #5.


If you’ll remember, we asked Jackie, our British Secret Weapon, What are Five Shows Every Brit Knows? So far we’ve had Doctor Who. Broadchurch, Cold Feet, and The Vicar of Dibley. This week, it’s:

The Great British Bake Off

“The Great British Bake Off is a reality show in which a group of amateur bakers gather in a tent and compete against each other to produce the best cakes, breads and pies. It is now in its 9th series and remains one of the most watched programmes on British television.

The wonderful thing about Bake Off is the camaraderie between the contestants. Despite the fact that the worst baker leaves at the end of each episode, there is no animosity between them. They laugh at their mistakes, but also show pride when they achieve a spectacular bake. Each week the viewer gains a deeper insight into the lives of each baker, slowly learning more about their families. It is a feel-good show which will inspire any viewer to attempt a spot of baking. It’s also the perfect programme for anyone wanting to learn more about British innuendo!”


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