Five Shows Every Brit Knows: Show #2.


If you’ll remember, we asked Jackie, our British Secret Weapon, What are Five Shows Every Brit Knows? Last week she gave us show number one: Doctor Who. This week it’s:


“Broadchurch is a crime drama set in a small, fictional coastal town. Through word-of-mouth, it slowly gained popularity and series three was one of the most watched crime dramas in the UK in recent history. Broadchurch began with the murder of an eleven-year-old boy and the investigations led people to suspect many of their neighbours of involvement in the crime. The combination of this suspicion with the continual barrage of questions from news outlets gave a realistic insight into how a crime impacts a typical British community.

The series was widely discussed in the media, with people coming up with variety of theories about what might have happened. There was complete secrecy around the plot and even the cast were kept in the dark until the last minute. This meant that the actors were unable to subconsciously transmit their guilt/innocence, adding an extra layer of intrigue to production.

West Bay in Dorset, where many iconic scenes from the series were filmed, has become a tourist attraction with many people travelling miles just to photograph themselves next to the famous cliffs. Broadchurch is worth watching for the beautiful coastal shots alone, but it also has one of the most surprising, gripping plots you’re likely to come across. You’ll want to encourage a few friends to watch it at the same time, as some of the plot twists are so clever you’ll need to talk about them!”

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