Five great gifts for the Anglophile in your life.

Please tell me you know lots of Anglophiles. They’re awesome people–in love with a culture that takes its language and proper queuing behavior very seriously–so you should reward them around the holidays with Brit-themed gifts they may particularly enjoy. Need some holiday gifting ideas for the Anglophile(s) in your life? Here’s five ideas for your perusal!*

  1. London Underground maps. Okay, this one is kind of personal; you can’t just go buying wall decor for someone you don’t know very well. But if there’s an Anglophile you know and love and who wouldn’t find it weird that you’re making choices of what to put on their walls…do consider any type or size of London Underground maps. We got one a couple of years ago and hung it in a spot of honor above our kitchen table. Since then, we have spent a lot of time studying it as a family. “What does the double green line mean?” “How did they come up with the name Cockfosters?” “Why are we having meatloaf again?” (Okay, that last one is not a question based on the map, but is a frequent question at our dinner table.) You get the idea. A graphic marvel and a great help for if the family ever gets to travel to London–maybe we’ll have internalized the map!
  2. A subscription to BritBox or Acorn TV. Okay, another fairly personal gift, and I’m not actually sure how you would line this up for someone with whom you didn’t live. (Give them a card with cash earmarked for the purpose?) But these two services offer A LOT of British TV–both classic episodes and new series–for fairly reasonable monthly rates. And I do mean reasonable–you could actually subscribe to both for twelve bucks a month. Netflix and Hulu might be more popular, but for your Anglophile friends who have largely given up on American TV–THESE are the services they’re really going to want.
  3. Anglotopia magazine. You are reading, right? It’s a fun and good-looking site and bless its creators, they actually produce print magazines and calendars and books. And they’re gorgeous. Consider a subscription to the magazine, a one-off issue, or any number of other gift ideas from their store. You get a beautiful product and you also get to support a small business in the form of this couple trying to make a living by loving all things British.
  4. Fall down the rabbit hole that is a simple search for “British Gifts” at
  5. The experience of a Brit Christmas Party. Okay, I hear the Millennials are all about experiences rather than merchandise, so here’s my suggestion for the younger set (or the older set who has enough stuff in their house, frankly). Every year my sister and I and our families plan a Brit Christmas–we get together, watch some kind of British TV Christmas episode, eat British-y foods (and fondue, because even though melty cheese is not particularly British, it is totally yummy), sometimes have British crackers and wear paper crowns, give each other British-y presents, and in general completely Brit Geek out. It’s awesome and is consistently better than any of our respective holiday get-togethers with other extended family.

If none of those suggestions work, might I suggest you look at this list? It’s a lot of fun, even though most of those items are completely out of reach for working slobs like yours truly. This list is a bit more attainable, and also a lot of fun.

*Please note I am not affiliated with any of these sites or products, nor am I receiving any kickback. I simply love to shop for those I love who love Great Britain, so this list wrote itself.


  1. I can think of a million things off these lists that I want to give to a bunch of people! MMMmmmm London notebooks, two of my favorite things, then combined.

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