Even the British ads are better.

Okay, it’s just not fair that even the ads in the UK are way better than they are here. I fell down a YouTube rabbit-hole the other day and found these holiday ads for Heathrow and Sainsbury’s.

Come on. That little bear waiting for her husband outside the bathroom? That’s AWESOME.

Song sung by James Corden. The snowflake on the rail line? God save the Queen, that’s funny.

My little boys and I watched this several times this weekend and laughed like fools each time. (Evidently it’s based on a picture book: Mog’s Christmas, by Judith Kerr.) Okay, I’ll stop. I clearly live in the wrong country, but I’ll stop. Happy Thanksgiving, all.

Oh, and p.s.–in other holiday news, a new Christmas episode of Doctor Who is planned, and they’re even going to play it in movie theaters! I’m not a huge Dr. Who fan myself, but thought I should mention it.


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