Catching up on my SF British TV.


You may have figured out by now that I have watched a truly embarrassing amount of British television in my life.

I should clarify: I’m not embarrassed by the fact that I’ve spent a large amount of my conscious hours watching British TV. It’s just what I do. Other people join volleyball leagues, travel, knit, engage in other hobbies, are productive members of society, etc. But me? I read, and I watch TV. I grew up on a farm and we worked long, hard hours, so this “engaging in a highly sedentary lifestyle” stuff? I am still LOVING it.

But one thing I am embarrassed to admit is that I don’t watch a lot of British science fiction programs. Sure, I’ve seen some Dr. Who episodes, primarily from the Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant years (and of course we all know that Peter-Davison-as-Dr.-Who was an important person in my whole “becoming an adolescent girl with crushes” era). And I’ve heard of Torchwood, and Orphan Black, and Red Dwarf, but I’ve never really seen them (except Primeval. I have seen several seasons of Primeval, largely because, hello, James Murray and Douglas Henshall on the same screen, hip hip hooray!). Until now.

Last week I started Torchwood, but was immediately sidetracked and sucked in by Orphan Black. The series is about a woman who slowly becomes aware that she is one of many clones…and someone seems intent upon killing all of them. Sorry to make this entry short, as a matter of fact, but I’m off to watch another episode now, and then I will have to exert some kind of self-control so that I don’t lose consecutive hours of my life by watching another…and another…and another…

So my question for you is this: What British TV science fiction series should I be watching? Which ones are your favorites and why?

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