British TV recommendations from friends.

Perhaps one of the best aspects of enjoying British TV is talking it over with like-minded and like-viewing friends.

This week I got two emails from friends (thank you, loveys) linking to British TV news. The first was about popular dramedy “Doc Martin,” and the fact that two new seasons in that series are planned:

Doc Martin Renewed for Two Final Seasons

And the other very interesting link was about a Penelope Keith* documentary program titled “Hidden Villages”:

Penelope Keith’s Hidden Villages

“Hidden Villages” is already on series 3–where have I been?!?! Anyone out there seen any of this series yet?

Now get out there yourself and email someone you love about your current Brit TV obsessions. Have a great weekend!

*If you don’t know her, Penelope Keith is a lovely comedic actress, perhaps best known for playing snobby yet strangely goodhearted women in both “Good Neighbors” and “To the Manor Born.”

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