British TV Links Round-up.

Periodically I do turn off the television (or YouTube, or the DVD, or what have you) and read books, and I blog about those books (primarily nonfiction ones) over at my other blog, Citizen Reader. Because I am also a former librarian and reference book author, I also try to keep up with a broad array of reading, title, and author news, and I post those links once a week in my Citizen Reading feature. I was kind of thinking of doing that here, too, only for British TV.

First, of course, I’d have to figure out how to make my Feedly RSS reader give me my British links and my reading links in different folders, but then I’d also have to track down the best possible sources for British TV announcements. So my question for you today is, where do you get your news about British TV? I tend to read articles at Anglophenia (the BBC America blog), Tellyvisions (a blog from WETA, a public television network), and The Guardian’s TV and radio coverage*, . When I’m looking for interesting lists I go check out the Favourites lists at the BritBox service.

Where do you learn about all the classic and new British TV that you simply must watch?

*This is where I just learned that actor Tim Pigott-Smith, who I loved in the phenomenal BBC adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South, has died, at age 70. Very sad news.


  1. I forgot that Tim Pigott-Smith was in The Jewell of the Crown. Even though he looked younger, he is recognizable, but compared to the character in North and South I remember, it would appear that he was able to act, just by the very different memories I have of his face. Interesting.

    • I’ve never seen the Jewel in the Crown; it’s on my massive To Be Watched list. Have you seen it?
      Sounds like he was a hard-working actor up to the end, and yes, just reading his list of roles, it seems he must have had great range.

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