Brit Telly Headlines: 9 July 2019.


Endeavour season 6 finale: Recap.

Leaving Netflix in August 2019: Death in Paradise.

Peaky Blinders series 5: First footage.

Poldark series 5 (the final series): Trailer. (Related: Aidan Turner doesn’t like watching himself on TV. I make up for that all by myself, because I really, REALLY like watching Aidan Turner on TV.)

Will Blackadder be making a comeback?

Derry Girls season 2 is coming to Netflix in August. Oh, Derry Girls. I love you.

Gentleman Jack: is getting a lot of good reviews.

The BBC has ordered a new immigration drama called Sitting in Limbo.

There’s a plan for a third season of Happy Valley, but unfortunately, it won’t be happening any time soon.

BBC Two has ordered a second series of their comedian-based program I’ll Get This. BBC Three has renewed the series Glow Up.

Did The Spanish Princess (a Starz production) “get Catherine of Aragon right“?

E! UK has acquired the USA Network’s Temptation Island.

It’s been announced what the top earners at the BBC make…but is that the whole story?

What the BBC Studios “content boss” has to say about finding new, global hits.

The Americans are invading British kids’ programming!

Killing Eve creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge is writing herself into the third series of the program.

Did you know that Sharon Horgan created the HBO show Divorce (which stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Hayden Church), which has been cancelled? I didn’t either.

Idris Elba helps a theater-goer at his new play get help from the paramedics. I love him, I really do.

I also love Judi Dench. She may have had to give up her license to drive, but she’s still got her license to thrill and shows it in her new Wild Borneo Adventure.

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