Brit Telly Headlines: 7 January 2020.


A selection of British TV news from the past week:

The big news, of course: Brit actors and content dominated at the 2020 Golden Globe Awards. Even Australian actor Russell Crowe won for Best Actor in a Television Limited Series (although he couldn’t accept his award in person; he was home in Australia “protecting his family from the devastating bush fires.”

The other big news: Ricky Gervais hosted the hell out of the program. Love him or hate him, he gets people talking. (And once you got past the monologue…there was still this right-on quip about Harvey Weinstein.)

Doctor Who series 12, episode 2: Recap. On PBS: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. Here’s the series 1, episode 1 recap.

On TV this week: Schitt’s Creek starts its final season.

The hot BBC series Giri/Haji, season one, will be on Netflix this week.

The New Pope (yeah, it’s by an Italian creator, but it stars Brit Jude Law): Review.

Outlander series 5: Trailer.

Death in Paradise series 9: Trailer.

Silent Witness series 23: Trailer.

New BBC One comedy King Gary: Trailer.

Gavin and Stacey‘s Christmas special became the highest-rated scripted show of the decade.

From the “I wouldn’t have guessed that” Files: ITV’s crime drama Bancroft beat out the BBC’s Dracula in this week’s rating battles. (Related: Dracula co-creator Mark Gatiss will star in a new Dracula prequel series, Dracula’s Guests.) Related: Here’s a review of Dracula.

Just announced by the BBC: new dramas, and also a fourth series of Killing Eve.

Cult favorite Inside No. 9 will get a sixth series.

There’s going to be a Celebrity Great British Bake-Off…and American Richard Dreyfuss is going to be one of the contestants.

New “polyamory drama” on BBC Two in 2020: Trigonometry.

The children’s show Crackerjack is being revived by the BBC.

Amazon and the BBC will co-produce a show (The Offenders) created by Stephen Merchant (best known for co-creating The Office) and Elgin James.

Will The Mighty Boosh be back in 2020?

You think they’re already looking for a new Doctor to replace Jodie Whittaker on Doctor Who?

Why did Ardal O’Hanlon quit Death in Paradise?

ITV’s Vera, series 10: Meet the Cast.

Andrew Scott confirms that he is working on another project with Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

Dennis Haysbert will play God on Lucifer, season 5.

Gordon Ramsay is developing a “single-camera chef comedy” for Fox.

Princess Beatrice’s wedding will not be televised (both the BBC and the ITV declined the right to film the event).

Brit TV medium Derek Acorah: has died.

Will the movie Knives Out get a sequel?

A great list from Anglotopia: Ten Interesting Facts about The Crown.

12 British Shows to Stream in January.

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