Brit Telly Headlines: 7 April 2020.


Well, here we are all, socially distant, but in solidarity with our shared love for Brit TV. Keep yourself well, and here’s your headlines for the week.

And now: HM the Queen. Actually, I do feel calmer after having watched that.

World on Fire: episode 1 recap; Call the Midwife, season 9, episode 2: Recap; Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries series 2, episode 1: Recap.

BBC Three’s Normal People: Trailer.

Hey! What is Line of Duty gone from Netflix all of a sudden? Also, if you’ve got Netflix, go watch Baz Luhrmann’s movie Strictly Ballroom before it leaves that service in May. (Australian, not British, but you’ll love it, trust me.)

Life on Mars: There will be a third and final series.

I wish I lived in the UK, so I could re-watch Gavin & Stacey and feel better too. (Also being replayed on BBC One: Outnumbered.)

The BBC is still hoping it will be able to show Strictly Come Dancing this year. It also is making a big push into educational programming to help parents as they home-school their kids.

BBC’s iPlayer is hosting a Spooks watch-a-thon, and I think you should join them in spirit. As this article says, ” join us to remember when Matthew Macfadyen was young and we could all still go outside.” Ah, those were good times. Going outside was one thing, but Matthew Macfadyen was young…woof! (Young or old, I still love him.)

The BBC’s Great British Singalong “will become a radio staple.”

Fleabag live performance…now streaming in the UK.

BBC Three’s Make Me Famous: Casting news.

Ant and Dec are releasing a book to celebrate their thirty years on the telly.

J.K. Rowling shares her coronavirus story. Also: she has launched a Harry Potter online hub for social-distancing kids.

Honor Blackman (perhaps best known for her role Pussy Galore in Goldfinger–oh, James Bond movies and women’s names, as much as I love the Bond franchise, I can’t help but roll my eyes every time I hear that name): Has died. Trivia: Blackman was 38 when she played that role. Kind of refreshing, seeing as how now women at 37 are seen as “too old” to be a romantic lead…even opposite a man in his 50s.

British comedian Eddie Large: has died from coronavirus complications.

ITV is trying to help indie producers during the coronavirus lockdown. (As is the Beebs.) Meanwhile, Channel 4 is implementing cost-cutting measures.

Lockdown binge suggestion #1: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. An American show, but I’m including it here because 1. it was great, and 2. lovely Brit Anthony Head had a large role in it.

The cast of Doc Martin says thanks to medical community.

12 British Shows to Stream in April.

Artemis Fowl will skip theaters and go right to Disney+.

It’s not British TV, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that HBO is streaming the full run of The Wire (really: one of the best TV shows ever made) FOR FREE.

And last but certainly not least: a message from two of the Derry Girls, from their bunker.

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