Brit Telly Headlines: 6 February 2018.


A selection of British TV news from the past week:

Julian Fellowes’s (you know him–the guy who gave you Downton Abbey) new drama The Gilded Age is headed to NBC.

Death in Paradise will return for an eighth season, again starring Ardal O’Hanlon.

Don’t plan on new episodes of Sherlock anytime soon, particularly as Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat are working on a TV adaptation of the Dracula story, but it’s going to take at least two years.

Doctor Who: The series 11 opener will be longer than previously announced.

The Fantastic Beasts movie sequel will “not explicitly” deal with Dumbledore’s homosexuality.

Has all the charm been “surgically removed” from the new movie version of Peter Rabbit?

And now, something from the “people are completely crazy” files: you know the creepy tech advances shown in the series Black Mirror? People want some of them to become reality.

What happens for Aidan Turner when Poldark finishes its run?

Anglotopia list: Top ten police dramas to enjoy on BritBox.

A BBC-backed production company has optioned John Updike’s “Rabbit, Run” series. Even when done by the BBC I don’t think I could stomach watching a Rabbit, Run series. Rabbit Angstrom: the most unlikable character in American literature ever? Discuss among yourselves.

New on Netflix: British series Retribution.

Royal Wedding 2: 99 days to go!

Nothing to do with TV, but I got a real charge out of this article about American food for sale in Great Britain. Look at that picture in all its Pop-Tarty and Oreo goodness!

Have a great week watching (British) TV!


  1. Okay, I love the picture of the American food section of the supermarket! How funny to see what they have selected as representative of American food. Anyone have any good suggestions for what one might put in a British food section of an American supermarket? The only things I can think of are certain candy bars.

  2. Cardo!
    I loved that picture too. Marshmallow Fluff…does anyone here actually still eat that stuff? My mom used to put it in fudge, I think, but I just can’t imagine it being a high-traffic item.
    Hmmm. British foods. All I can come up with is Marmite. Cadbury Dairy Milk, as you point out. There must be others.

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