Brit Telly Headlines: 5 May 2020.


Seriously. There’s nothing the news can tell you that you really want to learn, or at least that’s what I thought last week. Look away. Watch Brit TV instead.

World on Fire, episode 5: Recap; Killing Eve, season 3, episode 4: Recap; Call the Midwife, season 9, episode 6: Recap; Outlander series 5, episode 11: Recap; Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, series 2, episode 5: Recap; Deadwater Fell, finale: Recap.

Doctor Who episode “The Girl in the Fireplace” will get a new prequel, penned by Mark Gatiss. Speaking of, what’s going on with series 13?

The Witcher series 2: Update.

Will there be a third season of the series Blood?

Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels will be adapted for television.

This summer’s season of Love Island has been cancelled.

There’s a new Nordic drama on BBC Four: State of Happiness.

Missing The Great British Baking Show and The Great British Sewing Bee? Try The Big Flower Fight!

Strictly Come Dancing might be back, but without an audience.

Season two of Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted, is coming in June.

The BBC has pulled an “inappropriate” episode of Casualty…but viewers still want to see it!

Brits are holding Gogglebox stars to the social distancing rules!

BBC Three’s dark comedy In My Skin will stream on Hulu.

David Tennant and Michael Sheen just teamed up to make a short Good Omens lockdown special.

BBC Two will air a new special by Charlie Brooker (the creator of Black Mirror), called Antiviral Wipe–about what we’re all watching on TV during the pandemic.

What’s one reason why all of Ricky Gervais’s shows have had short lifespans?

James Corden has committed to paying the salaries of his furloughed Late Late Show staffers.

An American actor, but I’m heartbroken about Sam Lloyd (who played Ted Buckland on Scrubs) dying at age 56.

Britain’s Greatest Comedy Characters: the shortlist. Who would you vote for? I’m kind of Team Nessa, but frankly, I think Jeff Murdock from Coupling should be on this list!

Ten British shows to stream in May 2020.

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