Brit Telly Headlines: 5 December 2017.


A selection of British TV news from the past week:

I’m so pumped! I got another article published at Anglotopia, this one about the different actors who have played Hercule Poirot. Which one was your favorite?

Black Mirror, “Black Museum”: Trailer.

Sky: will release the entire season of its series Britannia in January.

The Night Manager, series 2: is a go!

New adaptations of Charles Dickens’s works are being produced…at least in part by Tom Hardy! Is there anything he can’t do? Sigh. <Smitten.>

Gillian Anderson to headline a new Agatha Christie adaptation.

BBC 4 Radio to adapt Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys.

The BBC is making a sitcom about Brexit.

You’ll be seeing more from the writer who was responsible for writing Luther.

Steven Moffat on the future of Sherlock.

Dr. Who: Evidently Carey Mulligan turned down a companion role.

I miss 2009: It was the year David Tennant dominated British Christmas TV!

BBC1 gives you a new Christmas short!

Got an iPlayer? You can catch classic Christmas episodes of EastEnders!

BBC Worldwide and BBC Studios to merge.

Fun link from Anglotopia: Have you seen the Mystery Pianist of Manchester? Go look at it, really. It’s only four minutes long, and it is some really unbelievable piano playing.

Have a great week watching (British) TV!


  1. Wow — the mystery pianist of Manchester is absolutely wonderful! I suddenly want to go back to taking piano lessons after the brief 50-year break since I last tried.

    Thanks for the great link!!

  2. Cardo,
    You’re very welcome! I have now watched that video roughly a million times. I also went and looked up some of the source music–most of which I’d never heard–and concluded that I liked the Mystery Pianist’s versions better!

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