Brit Telly Headlines: 30 October 2018.


Doctor Who: A preview of what’s ahead in the rest of the new season.

A BBC/Netflix production of Watership Down will hit Netflix on Christmas Day.

Victoria, season three: Teaser trailer. (And, ooh, Laurence Fox is going to be in the new season! Yay!)

Outlander series four: Trailer.

The Crown, season three: “Everything we know so far.” (Related: Camilla casting news.)

Russell Davies is planning a new family drama…that will star Emma Thompson.

And a new BBC sitcom: Mister Winner.

Is a Torchwood revival a possibility? John Barrowman seems to be hoping for that.

People Just Do Nothing: Is getting an American remake.

Rowan Atkinson talks about his movie Johnny English Strikes Again. Who knew Johnny English began as a character in an ad? (Related: Mr. Bean now has over ten million YouTube subscribers.)

Is the BBC facing an existential crisis?

Did you know a movie version of the popular mystery television series Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is being filmed?

Outlaw King: Trailer.

What kind of movie stars both Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton? This kind.

It has nothing to do with TV, but Anglotopia is running this fantastic series about an American going to school currently in England. This week’s installment is about the National Health Service, and it is fascinating. Dude. I so need to move to the U.K.

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