Brit Telly Headlines: 28 November 2017.


A selection of British TV news from the past week:

Black Mirror, Arkangel episode: Trailer.

Toast of London: Are new episodes coming?

Broadchurch, Season 3, is now available on Netflix.

The Crown, Season 2: A review. (WARNING: There’s spoilers there, of course.)

Get an early look at the Call the Midwife 2017 Christmas special.

Have you heard about Benedict Cumberbatch’s new drama series?

Unfinished Tom Baker episode of Dr. Whonow finished!

In other Dr. Who news: in addition to this year’s Christmas special, the BBC will also offer a “behind the scenes” radio show (about the Christmas special specifically).

Have you heard of this “indie British film that stormed America“?

Brit movie The Mercy: Trailer.

Have you seen the new Murder on the Orient Express movie? They reviewed it over at Anglotopia!

Studiocanal has signed a licensing deal with Hulu.

Sky is boosting its spending on original programming in 2018.

Okay, it’s not TV-related, but maybe they’ll televise it and that would be super fun: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are engaged!

Have a great week watching (British) TV!


  1. Meghan Markle is just fun to say, whoever she is. Divorced and Catholic, whatever that means.
    Hey, is Murder on the Orient Express a success? Just wondering.

  2. I think “Murder on the Orient Express” has been a success, although reviews were mixed. Successful enough that they’re going ahead with a sequel, anyway.

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