Brit Telly Headlines: 22 January 2019.


A selection of British TV news from the past week:

American Gods season 2: Trailer.

Oooh…I didn’t know this. A new adaptation of Dickens’s A Christmas Carol is being planned for the BBC by Steven Knight and Tom Hardy.

Doctor Who series 12: doing some filming abroad?

Feeling a bit lost watching Victoria this season? Brush up on some of your history of the period here!

Is Call the Midwife TV’s most subversive program“?

Who’s going to play Margaret Thatcher in series four of The Crown? Why, Gillian Anderson, of course!

I miss the old, not-bulked-up version of James McAvoy. Can we stop making men feel like useless, produced-in-the-gym muscles make them hotter? Ugh.

They’re remaking the “lost” episodes of Dad’s Army: Casting news for the new episodes.

Brit actor Windsor Davies (best known for his role on It Ain’t Half Hot, Mum): has died.

Half a million people now subscribe to the BritBox streaming service. Anyone have BritBox? What do you think? Wonder if they’ll get more subscribers now that Netflix is raising its price?

The BBC is hoping to reinvent (or revamp) itself. Awards: Shortlist.

Have a great week watching British TV!

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