Brit Telly Headlines: 21 August 2018.


A selection of British TV news from the past week:

Doctor Who, series 11, “will premiere by October” (in the UK, that is). Related: the Beebs has announced the show’s writers and directors.

The Alienist is coming back for a second season, but will be titled The Angel of Darkness.

Death and Nightingales: New drama from the BBC.

Get a look behind the scenes at Call the Midwife, season 8.

When will Unforgotten‘s third season air on PBS?

The Royals has been cancelled by E! after four seasons.

Channel 4 and Hulu have commissioned a new four-part drama called The Light.

Julian Fellowes’s The Gilded Age drama (for ABC) is continuing to move forward.

Why did British actor Ruth Wilson leave the show The Affair?

Ewan McGregor reading a CBeebies bedtime story! Gosh, he’s still cute, but that doesn’t mean I’ve forgiven him.

Ten interesting facts about Jodie Whittaker (the new Doctor Who).

News about alums of The Great British Baking Show: Sue Perkins will publish a travel memoir this fall. Plus: Now you, too, can rent Mary Berry’s vacation cottage!

Brit Simon Cowell will be getting his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

British gangster film classic Sexy Beast to be adapted for TV.

What’s the most popular show to stream in Great Britain? Friends. I like Friends and all, but come on, Brits, YOU HAVE BRITISH TV!

I’ve never heard of Darren McGarvey, and I didn’t know there was a genre of TV known as “poverty porn,” but I love this sentence in his review of such shows and the people who create them: ” they know sweet fuck all, yet somehow find themselves in the enviable position of creating the blunt instruments broadcast on what everyone’s furniture is currently pointed at.” This week I’m totally going to work “sweet fuck all” into a conversation somewhere, I promise you.

Have a great week, watching (British) TV!

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