Brit Telly Headlines: 2 April 2019.


OMG OMG OMG there’s a second Shaun the Sheep movie coming: Trailer!

Fleabag: is back for a second season, and Moriarty (Andrew Scott) is guest-starring as a “hot priest.”

Trust Me series two trailer: not sure how they’re doing a second series without star Jodie Whittaker (who left to become Doctor Who), but hey, I’m up for watching to find out.

I cannot wait to see Line of Duty series five. It sounds so awesome.

New ITV drama The Widow, starring Kate Beckinsale.

There’s a new true crime drama on BBC4: The Yorkshire Ripper Files.

“Do we need another ‘Emma’ adaptation?” Well, yes, I say. You can never have too many Jane Austen adaptations.

Anglotopia gives us a run-down of all the new content coming to Acorn in April!

Death and Nightingales (a BBC historical drama featuring Jamie Dornan) and Snatch (the Guy Ritchie movie): now on Netflix! (Related news: The BBC has also removed 28 of its series from Netflix as of April, including Luther and The Office*).

Casting call for 1917, a new movie about World War I: Benedict Cumberbatch, Colin Firth, Richard Madden, Andrew Scott, Mark Strong, and Daniel Mays.

Actor Ruth Wilson on playing her own grandmother in the new drama Mrs. Wilson.

This Time with Alan Partridge: Review. Although I don’t really get Alan Partridge. Anyone? Can you explain Alan Partridge to me?

Discovery, Inc., and BBC Studios have hammered out a deal which guarantees a lot of BBC content to Discovery. (Related: “The BBC goes to war with Google.“)

Boom in TV Period Dramas Raises Demand for History Consultants

The American movie The Quiet Place is getting a sequel, and it’s going to star Cillian Murphy!

Have you seen the posters for the Downton Abbey movie? I think they’re kind of odd, myself. Isn’t “we’ve been expecting you” a tagline from “The Love Boat”?

*You’ll notice I don’t say “the British The Office”? To me there will only ever be one true version of The Office, and it didn’t star Steve Carrell.

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