Brit Telly Headlines: 19 March 2019


A selection of British TV news from the past week:

OOOooohhh…is there going to be a second series of Bodyguard?

Line of Duty series 5 release date (sure, for the UK, but that means it’ll eventually get here!)

BBC America may be reviving Orphan Black!

Catastrophe season 4 review: don’t read it if you don’t like spoilers!

Channel 4 has renewed The Great British Bake Off through 2021.

Doctor Who series 12: filming on Barry Island.

Great Britain is still producing a lot of reality TV too.

The lowdown on some of the newest shows on the BBC and ITV.

Do you think the show Victoria would work without Jenna Coleman as its Queen?

Oh my God, David Morrissey AND Jane Horrocks? I am going to have to watch this The Singapore Grip when it comes out. I’m in love with David Morrissey and I love Jane Horrocks. Actually, I’m in love with Jane Horrocks too. She is so great.

Idris Elba is hot AND funny. I always knew that (I’ve seen him in RocknRolla, after all), but evidently he had to convince Netflix of that.

I’ve never heard of this show Billions (which is no surprise, because it’s an American show), but evidently it stars Damian Lewis? I must watch it!

Game of Thrones: an official board game based on the series is planned.

One of the best thing about Midsomer Murders is all its celebrity cameos (largely before those appearing were celebrities). And now you have this handy list of 10 of the Greatest Celebrity Moments on Midsomer Murders!

Have a great week watching British TV!

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