Brit Telly Headlines: 19 June 2018.


A selection of British TV news from the past week:

The BBC, ITV, and Channel 4 are working on an app to “rival Netflix” and other streaming services. When can I get it!?!?!

Black Mirror, season five: when will it be on Netflix?

Doc Martin, season 8: “Will likely hit PBS stations in 2019.

BBC’s daytime drama hit Father Brown has been confirmed for a seventh season.

Acorn Media is doing a biopic about Benny Hill.

The BBC’s new His Dark Materials adaptation: casting news. (JAMES MCAVOY ALERT!)

New BBC series featuring Jim Sturgess: Hard Sun.

He’s everywhere! Most lately Benedict Cumberbatch was among those paying tribute at Westminster Abbey to the late Stephen Hawking.

The Children Act: Trailer.

Meghan Markle: First a princess, now an Emmy contender? (Related: Doctor Who series 10 is also up for an Emmy, but in the Best TV Movie category?)

Ewan McGregor to star as the grown-up Danny Torrance (from the movie The Shining) in Doctor Sleep.

Lord of the Rings, The TV Version: Dominic Monaghan is open to reprising his hobbit role.

Fun new series at Anglotopia: A Day in the Life (of Charles Dickens, this time).

Have a great week, watching (British) TV!

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