Brit Telly Headlines: 17 December 2019.


A selection of British TV news from the past week:

LOVE this list from Anglotopia of Great British Christmas episodes…and if you’ll excuse me, I must now watch “The Christmas Lunch Incident” episode of The Vicar of Dibley (a tradition in my house).

His Dark Materials episode 6, recap, and episode 7: Review.

Call the Midwife Christmas special 2019: Trailer.

Deadwater Fell (starring David Tennant): Trailer.

New drama: The Trial of Christine Keeler. Here’s the trailer. And here’s a review.

BBC One’s Worzel Gummidge: Trailer. And, BBC One’s trailer for The Goes Wrong Show.

BBC Two’s Responsible Child: Trailer.

The Witcher: Final trailer.

Steven Moffat’s new Dracula will hit Netflix in January 2020. Here’s a new trailer for the show.

Doctor Who, series 12, “will not feature the Daleks.”

Father Brown series 8 will premiere on BBC One in January 2020. Also: Death in Paradise series 9 will debut in the UK in January. January is going to be huge: Call the Midwife is going to premiere then too; as is series 23 of Silent Witness. Why don’t I live in the UK???

ITV wants in on the January premiere action too. Series 5 of Grantchester is set to premiere in the UK on January 10. As will a new episode of Midsomer Murders.

And don’t forget SkyOne: will air new episodes of Karl Pilkington’s Sick of It starting on January 10.

There will NOT be a second series of the Jane Austen adaptation Sanditon.

A master list of big things coming to Netflix in 2020, including Ricky Gervais’s second season of After Life.

The Guardian reviews Jeremy Clarkson’s Amazon show The Grand Tour–and calls it “cringe-inducing.”

Here’s the debate being caused by the new adaptation of A Christmas Carol starring Guy Pearce: Can Scrooge be hot? Please note: Guy Pearce is 52. And yes, he is hot. But my wish for 2020 is that somewhere, somehow, people debate a program starring a 52-year-old woman and refer to her as both “young” and “hot.”

I know The Crown is all the rage, but have you seen the Channel 4 series The Windsors? (Speaking of Channel 4, I have no idea what comedy “blaps” are, but the channel is releasing six of them.)

“How Mrs. Brown’s Boys took over the comedy world.”

Emmerdale actor Sheila Mercier: has died. Naturalist and presenter David Bellamy: Obituary.

A lot of stars are coming out to read Christmas kids’ stories for CBeebies.

Writing tips from TV powerhouse Russell T. Davies.

Oh, crap, the election of Boris Johnson in the UK isn’t going to be good news for the BBC, either.

What books are becoming TV series in 2020?

The Guardian’s list of 50 Best Shows of 2019 continues.

Your ultimate guide to Christmas TV, if you’re lucky enough to live in the UK. (And, just for fun, ghosts from Christmases past: Here you can re-watch Hugh Grant’s Love, Actually dance to your heart’s content. You might also enjoy this list of 46 things you didn’t know about the movie Love, Actually.)

What were Prince Louis’s first words? You’re going to want to read this article and find out.

And here’s your holiday heart-warmer. I try not to be sentimental (I mostly fail) but this story of a woman listening to her husband’s voice on the Underground got me. Read it and have a little weepie, and then move about your day, minding the gaps as best you can.

Have a great week watching British TV! Also available now: Bingeworthy British Television: The Best Brit TV You Can’t Stop Watching, by Sarah Cords and Jackie Bailey. Order your copy today!

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