Brit Telly Headlines: 14 April 2020.


Still inside? Still taking care of yourselves? Good. Now, let’s look away from the news headlines and watch some Brit telly instead.

Outlander series 5, episode 8: Recap; Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries series 2, episode 2: Recap; Belgravia episode 1: Recap; Call the Midwife series 9, episode 3: Recap; World on Fire episode 2: Recap.

Ricky Gervais’s After Life, series 2: Trailer.

Evidently season 3 of Killing Eve is “emotionally rocky.”

The BBC is planning a “coronavirus telethon” called The Big Night In.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge comedy Run premiered on HBO on April 12.

Will there be a series three of London Kills?

Graham Norton is having to interview his guests virtually, but at least he’s talking to awesome people (I’m talking about you, Daisy Haggard).

Oh, to live in the UK and partake in the great Doctor Who watch-alongs.

Why was Spooks so great?

Prime Suspect: Did it eventually”succumb to sexist cliche”?

“Sofa Distancing: How coronavirus has changed British TV.”

I wish our American public service announcements about coronavirus starred Idris Elba.

Sophie Turner: on moving past Game of Thrones.

Goodies actor Tim Brooke-Taylor has died at age 79 from complications of the coronavirus.

What did Doctor Who fans do over Easter weekend? Had a massive virtual pub quiz about the show, of course.

“Comfort TV in the age of coronavirus.”

Ten lavish historical dramas to stream right now.

Ten British films to watch during a pandemic.

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