Brit Telly Headlines: 12 November 2019


A selection of British TV news from the past week:

Here’s the week’s big recaps: Press, the sixth and final episode; Poldark, season 5, episode 7. Also: His Dark Materials, episode 2.

Speaking of Poldark, is there a chance they might make another season of it someday?

BBC One’s A Christmas Carol: Trailer.

Coming this week on Netflix: Finally, The Crown starts series 3. Also, the movie The Suffragette, starring Carey Mulligan.

All I want for Christmas is to move to Great Britain…because here’s all the great stuff they get to see this holiday season.

And…The Great British Bake-Off is filming a holiday special with the cast of Derry Girls!

The new adaptation of His Dark Materials is diverging from the text…SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t seen any of this show yet. (Related: Philip Pullman also says you shouldn’t be too hard on the 2007 film version of his series.)

Britannica season 2: Review (with spoilers). I REALLY want to see this one.

BBC One crime drama Silent Witness will be back for a 23rd season.

The War of the Worlds:Spoiler-free preview.

Colin Farrell to star in new BBC Two drama The North Water.

Vienna Blood, UK premiere date.

Will the cheeky panel show Taskmaster be moving from Dave all the way to BBC One?

A new show about Mary Shelley is planned by HBO.

New daytime crime drama from BBC One: The Mallorca Files. Not sure when it will be here but it looks good.

The BBC has renewed RuPaul’s Drag Race U.K. for a second season.

This Channel 4 documentary Dispatches: The Secrets of Amazon (about the online retail behemoth) sounds horrifying.

The All Creatures Great and Small reboot: More casting news (including Diana Rigg)!

Phoebe Waller-Bridge says there’s an alternate ending for Fleabag, but will “never see the light of day.”

Martin Compston gives us hints on where season 6 of Line of Duty might go.

James Nesbitt will star in new BBC One crime drama Bloodlands.

Kylie Minogue has filmed a special for Channel 4. One of my favorite things about the Brits is their obvious and enduring love for Kylie Minogue. I’ve always liked her too. (Related: Robbie Williams will star in a new ITV music special.)

Rose D’Or Awards shortlist: British content dominates the list.

BritBox has finally arrived in the UK. (Plus: Every classic Doctor Who episode is going to be available in BritBox!) Related: The Guardian doesn’t think it’s worth it.

Gift-giving ideas: Harry Potter Advent calendars!!

“9 British Shows to Stream this November.

I enjoy a good list of specific scenes in TV shows and movies…so here’s a list of 5 great casino scenes in movies.

Wow, movie DVDs and Blu-ray really come out fast these days. The Downton Abbey movie DVD to be released soon.

Cool tribute for Remembrance Day.

Have a great week watching British TV! Also available now: Bingeworthy British Television: The Best Brit TV You Can’t Stop Watching, by Sarah Cords and Jackie Bailey. Order your copy today!

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