Brit Telly Headlines: 12 May 2020.


Seriously. There’s nothing the news can tell you that you really want to learn, or at least that’s what I thought last week. Look away. Watch Brit TV instead.

I’m sorry, but this is more important than all of this week’s other TV headlines. Listen to Tom Hardy’s new CBeebies bedtime story.

World on Fire episode 6: Recap; Killing Eve series 3, episode 5: Recap; Call the Midwife series 9, episode 7: Recap; Outlander series 5, finale: Recap; Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries series 2, episode 6: Recap.

New true crime series coming on Britbox: A Confession, starring Martin Freeman. (Related: BritBox gifts subscriptions to NY nurses.)

Could Love Island 2020 return this autumn? (Related: The BBC is also really hoping to make a new Strictly Come Dancing in 2020.)

Ricky Gervais confirms: There will be a third series of After Life.

You know, nothing against Outlander, but it just shows more than I can watch. Here “Caitriona Balfe “defends controversial assault in season 5.”

What was the precise moment that Peaky Blinders peaked?

This article is about the sex scene in the miniseries Normal People, but it also asks questions about filming other TV and movie sex scenes in the age of coronavirus. (Related: Normal People might get a second series.)

Brassic series two: Review.

BBC Four is in danger of being axed.

Benedict Cumberbatch’s spy thriller movie The Courier is still set to open in theaters in August.

Christopher Eccleston reads a poem to salute NHS workers.

Cate Blanchett will star in a new movie: Armageddon Time.

I had no idea that Steven Moffat’s first project was a kids’ show titled Press Gang (which starred Julia Sawalha, one of my favorite actresses). Did you?

Creator Charlie Brooker says the world is too bleak right now for him to create any more (always bleak) episodes of Black Mirror.

How are British soap opera stars dealing with quarantine?

The Orphan Black cast is reuniting for a virtual table reading (of two previously aired episodes) for charity.

Fundraiser extraordinaire Captain Tom will appear in ITV’s Britain Get Talking ad.

Good lord, people, it’s maybe time to start getting along, rather than shouting “racist abuse” at newscasters.

Just for fun, because God knows we could use some: How to make Zoom calls from the Tardis.

Five British cartoons to stream.

OOOhhhh…New movie with Rupert Penry-Jones: Love Sarah.

Last, but not least: Can I vote for Queen Elizabeth for President in November?

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