Bingeworthy British Television: The Book!

It’s here!

My co-author Jackie Bailey (our British Secret Weapon here at The Great British TV site) and I have been laboring for more than a year to put together a book about our favorite British TV, and here it is! Bingeworthy British Television: The Best Brit TV You Can’t Stop Watching is now available at Amazon.

In it we list more than 100 programs, from comedies and dramas to crime dramas and literary adaptations, and provide all the details the true Anglophile needs: who created and wrote each show, program descriptions, trivia tidbits, suggestions for other similar programs you might want to watch next, and perhaps most importantly, exactly how long it will take you to bingewatch each program.

It’s also got a ton of lists from Jackie, listing her suggestions for the true must-watch programs in each genre, as well as a lot of sidebars with her answers to all my questions about Brit TV, like what is the watershed? And why do British cop shows have so many fewer guns than American cop shows?

It’s also fully indexed, so you can go right to the back of the book and find your all your favorite actors and creators and shows in seconds!

Right now we’re running a special REVIEW BOGO promo. Buy a copy, review the book at Amazon, and comment here to let us know about your review (or drop an email to me at To thank you for the review we’ll send you a free second copy free of charge, ready for gifting to anyone you know who shares your love of British TV!

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