Best Gifts for Anglophiles, 2018 edition.


Okay, well, I’ve left it a little late for the holidays, but look at it this way: if YOU are the biggest Anglophile you know, and anyone gives you cash for the holidays, you can go shopping for yourself in January! Here’s a tour of some of the most fun gifts for Anglophiles for 2018:

A subscription to Anglotopia Magazine, produced by the good people at Anglotopia. I just got my first copy of this magazine and it’s gorgeous, beautiful photos and informative articles and pure Anglophile delight. When you read this magazine or send it to someone else, there’s no apologizing for being an Anglophile, you just revel in it. “Oh, this magazine? Yes, it’s all about British things and people and places and history and the minutiae of British daily life, because given the choice, that’s really all I want to read about.”

Here’s a lovely list of Gifts for People Who Love Royal Weddings. Jewelry, books, highball glasses with the Queen’s portrait on them, oh my! I love this list. Several affordable items and multiple books about tea and the Royals that I absolutely Must. Get.

Teeny tiny little Doctor Who ornaments! I’m not even a huge Doctor Who fan and still I think these are adorable.

Like British TV? Like tea? Have you considered a teapot in the shape of a television?

Four awesome words: Union Jack Throw Blanket. (Five words if you count “MicroFleece”–mmmm cozy.)

Gift subscription to BritBox or AcornTV or both! Also, absolutely anything from the BBC Shop.

And last but certainly not least: Father Ted t-shirt proclaiming “Careful Now!” and “Down With This Sort of Thing.”

Happy holidays, all, and to all a good night.

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