Are you sitting comfortably?

Thanks for stopping by the Great British TV site. Yes, we all know too much screen time is bad for us, but perhaps my favorite thing to do in all the world is to watch British television. If it were socially acceptable, I would drape myself in British television.

I’m not even sure what that would look like but it’s fun to think about.

What You’ll Find Here:

1. Lots of chit-chat about a wide variety of British TV programs. Although I don’t mind spoilers personally (I usually read the IMDb summaries of TV series’ episodes long before I watch them, and I almost always read the last chapters of books shortly after I start them, which makes my husband nuts), I will endeavor to avoid them here. I want to give you a flavor for programs without necessarily betraying any of the big plot twists, because lots of people DO mind spoilers, and frankly, writing those kinds of detailed, exhaustive plot summaries is a lot of work. More Work = Less Brit TV Viewing Time for Me.

2. Viewers’ Guides to programs, giving you a few of their casting, writing, length, and content details, while also suggesting other programs that you might like.

3. The female gaze. I’m a woman and in addition to loving Brit TV for its narrative quality, I also love it because it features British and Scottish and Irish (and sometimes Australian and Canadian) men, speaking with British and Scottish and Irish (and sometimes Australian and Canadian) accents. I’ll try not to be a pig about it, because no one should be a pig even when they are appreciating what other people look and sound and act like. I felt it important to point out the woman thing (it will probably also have a bearing on what programs I review and how) because have you ever read how few film and TV critics and writers are women? That’s weird.

What You Won’t Find Here:

1. Spoilers (see #1, above). On the rare occasion when I may have to talk about story points, I will of course give the standard ***SPOILER ALERT*** heads-up.

2. Number ratings or ratings of any kind. I love all British TV so what’s the point, really? Ten points all round! Four stars! Absolutely top drawer! These are my default quantitative ratings of almost all Brit series.

3. Instant episode recaps or up-to-the-minute reviews and descriptions. Those sorts of things are done, and done well, at all sorts of other websites. This will be more of a place to consider ALL Brit TV, the old, the new, what I feel like watching currently, etc.

4. Ads or affiliate links. I don’t care for ads and I really don’t want to be in bed with Amazon.

What I Expect:

1. Keep your comments clean. By this I mean you can swear all you want (extra point if you correctly use “oh balls” or “bugger”), but please play nice with everyone.

2. I expect you to pronounce the “About” at the top of this page in a Canadian accent as “aboot,” as would any good Anglophile (which should include an appreciation for all things Canadian).

3. Have fun! Then get out of here and go watch some British TV.

Thanks for stopping by! Questions? Contact me at sarah.cords@gmail.com.